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Our preschool tuition rates for the TECEC Preschool Integration Program (PIP) are as follows:

School Year Tuition

4 mornings or 5 afternoons- $4000.00 annual tuition fee
Payment Due Dates
September 1, 2023                                          $1400.00
December 1, 2023                                           $1400.00
March 1, 2024                                                 $1200.00

You will receive an email with payment information when school begins. Payment must be made within five (5) days of the due date in order to continue in the program. Please advise us in writing as soon as possible of any unforeseen circumstances so that we can consider an alternative payment schedule. Please note that tuition fees may not be waived and no adjustments to children's schedules or fees are made due to early dismissals, cancellations, delayed openings, illness, extended travel, health, other community crisis or school holidays. If schools are closed because of the health crisis and distance learning is instituted, tuition fees will continue to be collected. If you choose not to participate, your child will be unenrolled in the Trumbull Public Schools.  

A tuition receipt will be provided upon request. Please allow five business days to process the request.