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Trumbull Early Education Center Logo and motto - Be Safe, Act Responsibly, Respect and Kindness.

PBIS Matrix

  Classroom    Hallway        Motor Room Playground
Be Safe Calm Body
Example-when waiting, walking feet
Calm Body & Eyes Watching
Example-Walking feet with hands at the side, eyes forward

Calm Body & Eyes Watching
Example-when waiting

Calm Body & Eyes Watching
Example-Stop running when someone or something moves in front of your path, Waiting turns

Act Responsibly

Ears Listening
Example-Follow routines

Eyes Watching & Ears Listening
Example-stay in line, waiting

Eyes Watching
Example-Waiting, following routines
Ears Listening
Example-line up, waiting
Respect Eyes Watching, Ears Listening, Voice Quiet & Calm Body
Example-Waiting and taking turns
Voice Quiet
Example-While walking

Ears Listening & Eyes Watching
Example-Take turns, looking at adults or peer models

Ears Listening & Calm Body
Example-Take turns, personal space

Eyes Watching
Example-Help others, sharing, use manners

Eyes Watching
Example-being friendly
Ears Listening & Eyes Watching
Example-encourage others, Help others
Ears Listening & Eyes Watching
Example-including others, waiting turns