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Do you know what we mean we say that we expect children who attend TECEC to learn to “BARK”?!

B.A.R.K. is our acronym for our school wide expectations.  We are teaching positive behaviors of Be Safe- Act Responsibly- Respect-Kindness throughout the year.  We have begun to teach lessons in four school locations: the classroom, hallway, motor room and playground.  It is our goal to reduce behavioral incidents by teaching children how to be safe, act responsibly, display respect and kindness in these environments through age appropriate staff-developed lessons.

A few weeks ago we blasted our Pawsitivity newsletter to you.  It included an example of a lesson, which was a staff-created video on how to be safe in the hallway.  It was really fun and the children seemed to enjoy watching it and pointing out some of the behaviors and staff that they noticed.  As children pass through the hallways frequently, this has created the opportunity to practice the skills that they observed in the video as well as creating a common positive language in the building for all children to hear often.

Children have also been learning how to be safe in the classroom as well as hearing the book Fill a Bucket, a book about kindnessCurrently, the development of more lessons is underway and will be created with the assistance of many staff members in the building. We’ll keep you informed of our progress through our newsletters so that you can help us teach your child to “BARK”.  Woof!  Stay tuned…..