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School Hours

TECEC School Hours


Special Education/ PIP Students
            A.M.  8:30 - 11:35
            P.M.  12:35 – 3:05

Head Start
            Half Day 8:20 am – 12:20 pm
            Full Day  7:30 am –   5:00 pm

Outlined below is our abbreviated program schedule in the event of a delayed opening or early dismissal due to inclement weather.


If your child is enrolled in our program at TECEC, you will receive notification via home and work e-mails and/or text messaging to your cell phone.  As a Trumbull Public School’s family, you are automatically enrolled in this service. If you change your email or telephone number, you must notify the school to update your information.  A full explanation of the service is provided on the Trumbull Public School website.

 In addition to the children’s schedules being affected by the weather, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation concerning our scheduled meetings at TECEC. For those who have scheduled meetings occurring on a 90 minute delayed opening, we will continue to have those meetings beginning at 10:00 AM.*  Those who have meetings on a 2 ½ hour delayed opening, we will begin at 11:00 AM.*  If you have a meeting scheduled on a day with early dismissal, our last meeting for the day will begin at 10:00 AM. 

*If your meeting was scheduled prior to, or after these times, we will reschedule at a mutually agreeable time