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Father's Club

Welcome to the Trumbull Early Childhood Education Center , or TECEC! The TECEC Fathers Club was formed in 2008 by a very dedicated group of dads. Some of the contributions we have made include raising funds for a school defibrillator, coordinate the Preschool Olympics, and purchased a TECEC school sign.

The Fathers Club has many goals:

  • Offer support to teachers, staff, students, and PTO in whatever form we can

  • Hold fundraisers to benefit the school

  • Solicit donations from local businesses and civic groups

  • Run the TECEC Olympics.

  • Hold social events for the Dads – hey, we need a night off sometimes too!

All fathers with a child or children in TECEC, including Head Start, are welcome. There are no membership dues, we receive no funds from the school system, and rely entirely on donations and fundraisers.

Meetings are generally held the first Thursday of each month and reminder notices go out with children the week before the meeting. Please join us as it is an excellent opportunity to get to know the other families in TECEC, and give something back to the school.

If you would like more information about the Father's Club - please email us 

President - Pete Scifo               
Vice President - Steve Tobitsch
Treasurer -Tyler Page
Secretary - TBD