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About Us

In the years since its start, TECEC has grown in both size and reputation. With 11 classrooms and nearly 300 students between their morning and afternoon programs, TECEC prides itself on having nine inclusive classrooms, many with an equal integration of special needs students. Students in the school's two regional Head Start programs are thriving and TECEC is both proud and encouraged by their success.

In addition to the small victories made every day in the classrooms at TECEC, the school boasts numerous achievements including being named a Center for Excellence by Head Start, as well as playing an integral role in the CT Down Syndrome Congress and specialized resources for students with autism.

Through their dedication in the classroom and in the lives of their students, the staff at TECEC has seen amazing transformations. Whether it's watching two children simply learning from each other or seeing a previously motion-impaired and non-communicative child leave their program walking and talking, TECEC continues to change the lives of children and their families every day. 

TECEC does not hold a child care license. Connecticut General Statutes, Section 19a-77(b)(1)(A) provides that a program administered by a public school system is not required to be licensed to operate. “Administered by” as used in the statute means that a public school system retains ultimate responsibility for the management and oversight of the program and for the program staff and the children served.